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Hope Town / Elbow Cay

Hope Town Harbour Lodge

Hope Town Harbour Lodge

In 1785 a small group of Loyalist (those loyal to the crown during the American Revolution) settled into a very cozy harbour. Ever since then Hope Town has played an important part of our countries history. For the next one hundred years Hope Town made its living from fishing, farming and wrecking. Wrecking was a process of salvaging the many boats that would run aground trying to enter the harbour. In 1863 the last remaining hand wound, kerosene lit light house was constructed. This light house was fought adamantly by the community of Hope Town as it would (and did) put an end to a way of life called wrecking. Today, the lighthouse is a symbol of Hope Towns prosperous history. It displays its rich history in places the The Wyannie Malone museum and The Hope Town Harbour Lodge.

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